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Round Base Monopod Purchase Page

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The round based monopods are designed for desktop, office and studio use and anywhere else where there is a suitable flat, solid surface. There are two sizes available, both feature a durable buckle locking system and quick release top plate which has both 1/4" & 3/8" screw threads for attaching to a camera, microphone, light, monitor or Smartphone holder - perfect for use in live streaming, presenting and vlogging. Lightweight, versatile and highly portable, the monopods are ideal in tight spaces or locations where protruding equipment feet or legs could pose a trip hazard. 

The monopod's round base fits flush to the floor, has a small form factor and is robust and stable. Both models can also be attached to the Cobra 2 low profile minipod which can be purchased separately.

As a versatile, portable hand held camera support, the A200 round base monopod is ideal for live streaming, providing presenters with the option of self recording whilst on the move and the ability to place the stand and camera on a table top, desktop or shelving, maintaining visual continuity whilst still live recording or streaming.




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