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Gazelle Tripod - Travel Series

iFootage Gazelle Tripod TA3B and TC3B are here to make your filming adventure seamless. Designed to fit in your backpack or suitcase, you can definitely travel lighter.

Ready, Set, and Sturdy

Transport-Friendly, and Easy-to-Carry

Our tripods are designed to make things lighter for you. Compact and lightweight
so you can bring it almost anywhere.

Effortlessly portable
without compromising
on durability

A wobble and worry-free tripod with a maximum load of 5kgs. This fits most of your knapsacks and standard carry-on luggage, perfect for on the go shoots, and traveling.

Slope-proof with Leveling Bowl Mount

Get that picture-perfect shot with built-in leveling bowl mount - a tool to help in the vertical and horizontal alignment of your camera.

Product Highlights

Adjustable Height 

Rotatable Platform

Extra Security

Leg-Lock System
Ergonomic Buckle for Extra Stability

Know the right
 Gazelle Tripod for you

Comes with
 the new Komodo K3 Tripod Head

Experience enhanced ergonomic control with our intelligently designed Komodo K3 Tripod Head.


Gazelle Tripod TA3B and TC3B has a wide compatibility range, as it can match with your accessories, action & DSLR cameras.


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