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MiniCrane M1-III

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Beautifully designed with a sleek black finish, the M1 III was created using precision CNC machine cutting technology utilizing innovative square tubing for unprecedented strength, support, reliability and durability. It is compact, lightweight, and easy to carry and can take a massive payload of up to 15kg whilst remaining highly stable. This crane not only looks and feels great but also provides ‘tilt and hold’ camera technology! Ideal for studio or location use.

What you get:

1 x Minicrane
1 x Centre mount camera platform
1 x Mount plate
1 x Carry case with handles
1 x ¼ to ⅜ adapter

Tech spec:

Materials: x20 layer carbon fiber and anodised aluminium
Weight: 3.8kg
Max load: 15kg
Low angle load: 10kg
Tube diameter: 43x40mm
Extended length: 2170±20mm
Folded length: 970±20mm
Max radius: 1200mm
Tilt length: 2100mm

Product features:

Tilt and hold technology allows the camera to remain fixed on your subject whilst the crane moves vertically

Damping function enables you to adjust the tightness for controlled tilt movement

Friction control in the base creates smoother pan action

Flexible camera mounting options allow for varied camera angles and movement

Secure buckle locking system improves stability and setup time

Carbon fiber layering ensures weight is reduced dramatically to just 3.8kg

Supports up to a whopping 15kg payload

Easy to transport and setup

Versatile mount allows for extra accessories to be attached

Suitable for all locations and weather conditions

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