L Shape Slider Plate - LP-01 Purchase Page

L Shape Slider Plate - LP-01 Purchase Page

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This innovative product is designed as an easy to use, quick
release L-shaped camera plate. It comes with both 1/4" and 3/8" thread options and can be directly installed on to the Shark Slider Nano. It can
be used to achieve vertical camera movement on the slider and in this position it also provides camera tilt movement. 

The plate has a number of fitting location options for vertical use with a slider ensuring the camera is located on its true centre of gravity and thus creating a set up which provides smooth uninterrupted camera movement.

The L-plate can be used in conjunction with the M30 Ball Head providing even more practical and creative camera options.

The LP-01 weighs only 190g is made from durable, long lasting aluminium alloy, can be used with the majority of DSLR and SLT cameras, is small enough to fold away and fit in your pocket, but strong enough to support your camera in vertical recording mode on your slider. 




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