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Komodo MP30 Ball Head

Complete your setup with the iFootage MP30 Ball Head for seamless filming. With a lightweight design of 230g that can accommodate up to 10kg, so you can pair with almost all of your gear.

Get ahead of the game

Our Tripod Head is meticulously designed to match and withhold your gear. Small yet incredibly durable, it provides full security for your equipment, so you can get the camera rolling with confidence.

Easy switch, easy fix

Versatile and adaptable, switch and swap your gear and accessories smoothly and easily with quick-release system, so you can save time on setting up, and have more time for filming.

Product Highlights

360° Horizontal Panorama

Capture flawless 360° horizontal panoramas effortlessly with the new panoramic quick release plate design. Precise panoramic markings and ball head locking control guarantee perfect shots every time.

Multi-angle Shooting

Get creative with the MP30's adjustable multi-angle shooting capability, offering a tilt range of +90 degrees to -50 degrees. Capture unique perspectives, experiment with tilt angles, and elevate your visual storytelling to new heights.

Built-in Spirit-Leveling

Achieve the perfect shot with built-in spirit-leveling feature, ensuring optimal angle and balance adjustment with ease.

Arca Swiss Quick-release plate

Switch and assemble your gear faster with the quick-release design

Built-in Allen Key Tool

Komodo MP30 Ball Head features a compartment housing an Allen key, providing you with quick and easy access for tightening or loosening hinges and adjusting quick-release plates on the go.

Intuitively compatible, Endlessly versatile

The Komodo MP30 Panoramic Ball Head is your versatile companion for photography, live streaming, and vlogging. Seamlessly compatible with cameras, cellphones, sliders, monopods, tripods, and suction cups, it’s time to elevate your content creation game.

Technical Specifications


Gazelle Tripod Travel Series

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