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Compact, lightweight, flexible, quick and easy to use, the HV-01 conversion plate is cleverly designed to be used in a similar way to a camera plate and mounts directly to a camera head - it's fully compatible with the standard 501 plate and is perfect with the Komodo K5S and K7 camera heads, allowing you to instantly switch between landscape and portrait modes.  There's a simple single press key to release and unfold the conversion plate and an auto lock function when the plate is folded.

The HV-01 is the perfect tool for Instagram and Tick-Tock content creators, allowing users to instantly switch between landscape and portrait recording and back again.

User convenience is key: the HV-01 weighs only 200g is made from durable, long lasting aluminium alloy, can be used with the majority of DSLR and SLT cameras, is small enough to fold away and fit in your pocket, but strong enough to support your camera in both vertical and horizontal recording modes whilst attached directly to your tripod or camera head.




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