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COB 40° Light Projector

Discover endless possibilities
to bring light to your creative vision

Whether it’s for a huge filming production, live-streaming, or photoshoots, iFootage Projector Mount is designed to bring your picturesque ideas effortlessly.

Strike it

Draw your audience’s eyes to the focal point

Shape it

Get the dramatic and realistic silhouette by sculpting your subject with the right light and shadows

Bounce it

Maximize your space by hitting tight spots to achieve the look you want

Style it

Elevate your work by changing the colors of the light, and shaping the shadow with slides creatively cut into different shapes

Craft every scene the way you
envision it.

Render your masterpiece with
the perfect blend of light and shadows

Let your art move people

Technical Features

40° Lens

Hit the right spots with the standard 40° lens giving you the best coverage that you need.

Adjustable Focus

By simply toggling the knob sideways, you can get the flexibility to blur or sharpen your light projection.

Built-in geometric light effects

Add creative flare to your subject with various geometric shapes that are integrated into the projector.

Clear Projection & Brightening Lens

Heat Resistant Surface

The design features an elevated shell to minimize unintended contact. Additionally, a heat dissipation shield is integrated into the area generating heat, preventing excessive temperatures and potential burns for users operating 300W-600W lighting.

Rotatable Projection

Experience freedom with a fully rotatable design making sure your light textures get the right orientation.

40° Lens Performance

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