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Anglerfish SL1 200BNA

Designed to mimic the dynamic nuances of daylight, Anglerfish SL1 200BNA or Bi-color Natural light, with its cutting-edge technology provides the most natural lighting effect with highest color accuracy, so you can illuminate your art with precision and style.

Life-like Skintone

Experience true color. With natural spectrum lighting, there’s no more color cast issues, harsh blue lights, and long hours of post-production color correction.

Let your creative vision shine

Whether it’s dawn or after sunset, you can get that sunlight accuracy. With its bi-color lighting that ranges from 2700K to 6500K, and its uniform light distribution, you can achieve whichever treatment suits your subject


Get ready to be amazed by our cutting-edge lighting solution with a more compact LED arrangement for increased brightness. Our innovative honeycomb array technology ensures a stunning, evenly distributed light, transforming your space like never before.

Product Highlights

Adjustable colour temperature & brightness
Realistic and saturated
Fully Adjustable Angles

Experience flexibility as you effortlessly adjust angles to capture the perfect lighting scenario

Intelligent Cooling System

With a high-temperature alert and automatic heat protection, 200 BNA adjusts fan speed to match the light's temperature.


Weighing only 1.76kg, enjoy the freedom to transport and pack your 200BNA easily along
with your other gears

4 Dimming Curve Pre-sets

Whether you desire a soft glow or dynamic brightness, these 4 Curve Pre-sets provide you with control,
allowing you to fine-tune the perfect lighting atmosphere

Full Lighting Control

Our lights are fully controllable through our Lumin+ App, giving you the power to adjust brightness, and color temperature, and choose presets right at your fingertips.

The iFootage Difference

Advanced rendering

Compared to traditional LEDs, our technology offers color rendering capabilities that are closer to incandescent bulbs

98 out of 100 CRI score

iFootage has achieved excellence in the Color Rendering Index, scoring remarkably close to perfection. This metric indicates how natural the LED light one emits.

34% more color accurate than other brands

This significant advancement ensures a heightened level of spectral accuracy, translating to vivid and true-to-life colors for your creative projects.


Our lights feature the versatile Bowens mount, ensuring compatibility with a variety
of Bowens accessories such as softboxes, beauty dishes, and more.

Technical Specifications


A400 Roundbase Monopod

Transform small spaces, studios, or your bedroom into a creative canvas with the compact
and lightweight A400 Round base Monopod.


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