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Wireless Motion Controller S1A3

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This S1A3 wireless motion controller offers a combination of sublimely smooth tilt and pan camera movements whilst travelling on the slider. Fully manual or programmable with up to 9 different pre-set 3 axis movements. This versatile and robust motion control system is also perfect for timelapse photography.

What you get:Tech Spec:

Motion X2
Rotation speed: 0-40°/s
Location accuracy: 0.0025°
Motor Power: 8-32W
Speed regulation: Stepless speed / step speed
Operating voltage: 14.8~24V
Radio frequency: 2.4GHz
Induction distance: 20m
Optimum Load: 4KG
Maximum Load: 8KG
Weight: 2.5KG
Speed range: 0.01mm/s-160mm/s
Location accuracy: 0.0035mm
Max load: 8kg
Motor power: 8-32W
Output voltage: 14.8-24v
Used frequency: 2.4GHz
Induciton distance: 20m
Speed control: Adjustable-speed, Gearing-speed

Product features:

Smooth controlerable three axis camera movement

Manual remote control or 9 preset programmable control

Wireless shutter control

Preview setting for testing programmed movement

95WAW battery providing up to 16 hours continuous recording for timelapse

Compact and portable

Quick and easy set up from manual to automated

High quality engineering and materials compatible with the Shark Slider S1

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