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Introducing Seastars Q1 quick release

Introducing Seastars Q1 quick release

iFootage have recently released a new quick release system which allows users to easily and quickly move their rig from tripod, to slider to jib and back to tripod in just seconds. 

Seastars Q1 comes in two parts: a top plate and a base plate and utilizes an ingenious spring mechanism to activate the locking system. Simply drop-in to lock and twist to unlock! 

Seastars is manufactured in a hardened stainless steel magnesium alloy, resulting in unprecedented durability, overall strength and reliability. The inner structure is comprised of spring loaded bearings which securely lock the two halves together, signified by a re-assuring, solid click and indicating that your rig is safely located. Superior design and construction combined with its low centre of gravity and compact form results in 'no wriggle' and absolutely no unwanted movement.

Seastars will accommodate a payload of up to 9kg, offers 1/4 and 3/8 inch mounting options and is compatible with the majority of camera support equipment and accessories including camera heads, sliders, jibs, tripods, monopods, gimbals, lights and mics.  

Seastars Q1 quick release system results  in an extended range of studio and location, practical and creative applications allowing the user to easily and quickly sway their rig between various support equipment. Perfect for the single camera shooter who with multiple plates can save time and improve workflows through using the Seastars Q1 system.

iFootage continue to design and build innovative products and look forward to Seastars Q1 positively contributing to the day to day creative work of photographers and videographers alike.

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