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3INT-MB 15-50° Intensifier

Amplify Your Cinematic Vision

3INT-MB 15-50° Intensifier

Amplify Your Cinematic Vision

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The 15x Power Upgrade

Boosting luminance by up to 15 times, transforming the portable 60/130 DN and BNA models into an exceptionally powerful lighting solution.

Numbers Speak Louder

15 times brighter!

When zoomed in, 3int can increase the brightness of a SL1 60DNA by 15.2 time!

15.6x brighter!

When zoomed in, 3int can increase the brightness of a SL1 60BNA by 15.6 time!

Flexible Angle Control

Versatile angle control from 15 to 50 degrees provides an evenly lit spotlight effect, opening up endless creative possibilities.

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Precision Lens Adjustment

A generous diameter and rotational range offer precise control over the lens movement.

Constant Size Zoom

Internal movement of the premium convex lens maintains constant light body size during zoom, ensuring lens protection.

Zoomed-out Result

Offering substantial coverage while amplifying brightness by 2.5 times.

Spotlight Effect

Fully zoomed for a laser-focused beam, yielding a staggering 15-fold increase in brightness.

Lightweight and Easily Portable

At only 500g and 114mm in diameter, it effortlessly fits into your bag alongside the portable SL1 60/130s.

How Compact Is It?

Weight only 500g

The easily portable intensifier proves to be an invaluable companion to our 60/130W portable lights.

Small Form Factor

Measuring just 114mm in diameter and 86.5mm in length, it effortlessly slips into any bag.

Design for Mini Bowens mount

Tailored for the portable mini Bowen mount, this design achieves a seamless blend of compact form and optimal functionality.

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Robust Mini Bowen Compatibility

Crafted with a robust casing, this design ensures durability and a snug fit with all mini Bowen mounts.

Portable SL1 Enhancement Solution

Compact, Ideal for Enhancing Portable SL1 60/130 DNA and BNA Series.

Compact Barndoor Included

The included compact barndoor enhances control, allowing for precise light shaping. This versatile accessory is invaluable for achieving specific lighting effects, making it an essential tool for photographers and videographers alike.

In Action

Compact Intensifier

Purpose-built for this compact intensifier, enhancing both its functionality and aesthetics, adding significant value to your 60/130DNA or BNA lights.

Adjustable Light Control Flaps

Featuring adjustable flaps with movable wings, this design provides additional control over light shape and size, allowing for even more precise customization of your lighting setup.

Precision Control

Collapsing wings enables adjacent flaps to tightly confine light, offering enhanced control over illumination. This adaptable feature allows for finer adjustments, ensuring tailored and professional lighting setups.

Beam Angle Size Intensifier Weight Barn Doors Weight Mount Type

3.2" Mini Bowens 15-50° Intensifier

15° - 50° ⌀114 x 86.5mm 0.5kg 0.2kg Mini Bowens

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