Gazelle Uprise Tripods

Gazelle Uprise Tripods

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iFootage Gazelle Tripods

Visually enhance your creativity

Portable / Superior high - low transition /

Underslung option / Rapid deployment


Who's using our tripods

Designed to respond to the exacting demands made by photographers and videographers across the world.

Equipped with removable centre column, quick leveling bowl mount, 3 or 4 leg section option and dependable build quality.

影视飓风创始人、Bilibili知名UP主 Tim 潘天鸿
UGC学院院长 吕尚伟老师
彩蜂摄影生活杂志、知名UP主 大马猫本
自由摄影师、讲师 荒草

Perfect for photographers and videographers alike

The right choice for all creatives working with still or moving image

A combination of British design and Chinese engineering teams have produced a robust, highly portable,

user centric series of versatile tripods - ideal for location or studio photographers and videographers.

Indie filmmakers-on the go!

You choose: Gazelle tripods are available in either aluminium or carbon fiber

offer total portability and easily fit into your backpack or 21inch travel flight bag.

52.5 CM


1.94 KG


6.0 KG


Specs above are based on the TC5S model

Photo above: TC5S with Shark Slider Mini

On the move

Lightweight and easy to carry. TC5S fits into your

21" flight hand luggage and TA6S /TC6S packs into

your 24" carry case.

Rapid Height Adjustment

Simple and reliable 'release and adjust'

centre column.

Underslung camera mount

Quickly switch to super low angle recording via the underslung camera option.

Fast and Flexible Adjustment

Alter your creative set up in seconds!

Add more to your action shots with an incredible 19.5cm super low angle set up.

Rapid leveling built-in bowl mount

Secure locking, easy leveling, 360 degree bowl mount

'No pinch' super safe leg lock design

Ergonomic, long life buckle design ensures instant secure leg lock and super smooth operation.

Spikes and rubber feet provide stability for all urban and rural conditions and surfaces.

How to adjust leg lock mechanism

Free adjustment tool

Attached to the tripod leg, this hex tool is designed to tighten

the leg locking mechanism if required


The flywheel adds a damping effect to your slides, ensuring smooth acceleration/deceleration as opposed to jerky starts and stops. It achieves this through its centrifugal force while the slider belt is connected to it.


Highly versatile The iFootage Shark slider can be deployed from the storage bag in only a few short moments and could save you precious seconds when needing to film.


Materials: Carbon Fiber and anodised aluminium (SUS304)
Weight: 3.4kg
Tube diametre: 22mm
Max length: 790mm
Effective length: 640mm
Max load: 7kg


Materials: Carbon Fiber and anodised aluminium (SUS304)
Weight: 3.4kg
Tube diametre: 22mm
Max length: 790mm
Effective length: 640mm
Max load: 7kg


Lightweight, compact and portable

Modular design - extends up to 1800mm

Fast and easy tool less deployment

High quality engineering and materials

Belt and original flywheel combination ensures totally smooth camera movement

Suitable for all locations and weather conditions

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